eero - Pro Mesh Wi-Fi 5 System x3
+ Professional Installation
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eero - Pro Mesh Wi-Fi 5 System x3 & Professional Installation

Life moves too fast for your WiFi to be slow!

Now more than ever home is the center of your life.

It’s where you work, play and just hang out. And it’s where you need your WiFi to be the strongest. Axis Network can install the right solution for you.

At Axis Network, we’re committed to providing and installing the best, most advanced solutions for our clients. One of these is the eero - Pro Mesh WiFi 5 System, 2nd Generation.

The eero 5 2nd Generation gives you boosted WiFi performance throughout your home to keep your home WiFi working at optimum levels. It also houses technology to keep the signal strong no matter the number of devices.


Features of eero - Pro Mesh WiFi 5 System

Boosting your home WiFi is just one of eero’s many features. The eero Pro Mesh WiFi 5 System also has:

  • Enhanced Security Options
    Through automatic software updates eero is able to protect you and your family from the greatest online threats.
  • Automatic Updates
    In order to stay ahead of the competition, eero utilizes an automatic update tool to make sure your system is updated with the newest features, security enhancements and improved performance.
  • Smart Software
    TrueMesh enables eero to consistently find the best paths for network traffic, changing routes to limit interference and boost performance. Its intelligent software also optimizes your access points so that your connection is always fast and reliable.
  • Full Coverage - Inside and Out
    The eero is best for homes with 3-5+ bedrooms and can easily cover outdoor areas as well. Additional devices can also be added to expand your WiFi and its reach. No matter the size, eero has your home WiFi covered.
  • Mobile App for Monitoring
    eero’s easy-to-use mobile app gives you the power to easily share your network with visiting family and friends, and monitor your network status, as well as the number of connected devices. Plus, you can run speed tests directly from the app’s dashboard.
  • Built-In Parental Controls
    The mobile app also gives you the ability to build different profiles for different members of your home, with the option to pause the internet for certain profiles and its connected devices. You can even use an Alexa command to put your home WiFi on pause.
  • Modern Design for any Home
    The eero and eero Beacon are beautifully designed, with a sleek look that will seamlessly fit into any home. On the outside, the eero is the most unassuming piece of technology you can own. On the inside, eero is working with the most sophisticated software and tools to boost your home WiFi and keep your connection reliable, safe and secure.

Get Faster WiFi and More Security Today

To benefit from the power and technology of the eero - Pro Mesh WiFi 5 System, 2nd Generation, call Axis Networks (310) 827-2288 today. Our highly trained and dedicated team is ready to help give your home the best WiFi signal on the block.

Additional eero - ProMesh WiFi 5 System, 2nd Generation Specs:

  • Data Encryption. Encryption Type: WPA3
  • Firewall Type: NAT
  • Band Technology
  • Tri
  • Ethernet Standard
  • 10/100/1000
  • Number of Antennas: 7
  • Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz, 5.2 GHz, 5.8 GHz
  • Wireless Networking Standard: Wi-Fi 5
  • Wireless Standard: AC, N
  • Wi-Fi Range: Large home
  • Number of 2.4Ghz Streams: 1
  • Number of 5.0Ghz Streams: 1
  • Wi-Fi Mesh System: Yes
  • Number of Wi-Fi Satellites Included: 3
  • Number of Wi-Fi Satellites Supported: 32
  • Wired Backhaul: Yes
  • Ethernet Switch: Yes

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Our highly trained and dedicated team is ready to help give your home the best WiFi signal on the block.

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