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Axis Network and its professional installers know how vital a well-designed networking infrastructure is to a business enterprise. By combining our years of experience with the latest in structured cabling, Axis can give commercial clients the connectivity and communications they need to succeed in the global marketplace.

The basis of exceptionally structured cabling for commercial customers begins with standards. These standards are the foundation on which a robust and long-lasting network is built. They allow for a system that can grow and expand with the business’ needs and avoid messy tangles of wires, sloppy installation, and inefficient systems. Structured cabling standards are the metric by which all outstanding commercial cabling should be measured.

Commercial Solutions That Connect

Whether for new construction or business development, Axis Network is equipped with the expertise to design and install a genuinely exceptional commercial network. Some of our key points of emphasis on structured cabling are:

  • Design - All network architecture begins with a solid design process. Cables should be laid out in organized and logical patterns to avoid entanglements.
  • Horizontal and Backbone Cabling - Backbone and horizontal cabling are both essential to commercial solutions. Horizontal cabling connects a business’ telecommunications room to outlets and work areas across the building/floor. Backbone cabling connects equipment rooms with telecommunications rooms. It’s easy to see that you can’t have one without the other.
  • Telecommunications Closet and Server/Equipment Room - Our expert team of installers will properly patch, set up, and label your telecommunications closet and server room/equipment to minimize any confusion. Proper labeling also makes troubleshooting and repairs easier.
  • Cable Termination - Axis will ensure that all cables are properly terminated and safe, and optimized for performance.
  • Wi-Fi/Wireless Networks - With companies and individuals using more connected devices every day, wireless networks quickly become overwhelmed. Don’t let your Wi-Fi become your company’s bottleneck. Axis Network will find ideal access point placement and design a cabling infrastructure that works.
  • Fiber Optic - We are the experts in single and multi-mode fiber-optic network connections. Our installation services provide a connectivity backbone at affordable prices.
  • Security Camera Wiring - We do IP and HD camera wiring, and we calculate the rating of the cable based on distance. IP camera wires use the same standard as your network, while HD uses video powered via cable.
  • TV/Monitors and Audio Video Wiring - A strong signal begins with well-planned structured cabling. Depending on the size and scope of the A/V and TV installation for a commercial enterprise, having an organized plan will ensure everything works flawlessly.
  • Windows Treatment Wiring - Most window treatment wiring is handled with low voltage, but it will need a clear path back to a central location to get power.
  • Alarm Systems Wiring - One of the essential bits of structured cabling for any business is the alarm system. Ensuring that these wires are planned and installed thoughtfully will help ensure that the system will work for years to come and withstand system growth.
  • Testing and Certification - Cabling testing and certification are crucial. There are many factors, both small and large, that can cause the wiring to fail. Experts like Axis Network are essential to work on your commercial structured cabling installation to ensure optimal performance.

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On top of our already solid team of commercial experts, Axis partners with other well-known brands to ensure that we use the best materials and work with the most up-to-date information.

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